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New deposit campaign from Ameriabank! “Your Deposit”

Your money earns interest even as you spend it!



According to statistical data, most people prefer to make short-term deposits. Our research shows that people choose this option so they can spend the money when they need it whereas longer-term deposits are no use when contingencies arise. 


Based on the above, our professionals have developed a special deposit program for you. “Your Deposit” is a unique banking solution enabling you both to invest for a longer term and use your funds when you need them to organize a family Christmas party or prepare your kid for school.


Why “Your Deposit”? 

  1. Unlike standard long-term deposits, this one is variable which means that you are free to use the funds on the occasion of 5 holidays and special days during the year: Christmas and New Year, March 8th, September 1st (Knowledge Day), Armenia’s Independence Day (September 21st), and your birthday. By the way, you can withdraw the money 5 days before your special day! 
  2. Don’t forget that Ameriabank offers high interest rates


Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligible currencies: AMD, USD, EUR, RUB
  2. Minimum acceptable amount: AMD 100,000, USD 300, EUR 300, RUB 15,000
  3. Interest rate: 11.9% for AMD deposits, 7.5% for USD deposits, 6.2% for EUR deposits, 6.5% for RUB deposits. Deposits over AMD 5 million, USD 30,000, EUR 30,000 or RUB 1 million are eligible for an additional premium rate of 0.5%. 
  4. Interest rate calculation: annually
  5. Deposit term: 12 months
  6. Usage terms of the deposit amount: you can spend the deposit funds (but not all of them!) on 5 occasions during the year: New Year (31.12), March 8th, your birthday, Armenia’s Independence Day (21.09) and Knowledge Day (01.09). Important: funds can only be used starting 5 business days prior to the holiday and total annual spending should not exceed 20% of the initially deposited amount (including any additions). The same interest rate without recalculation applies to any withdrawn amount. 
  7. If you refund the spent amount in full within 1 month, you receive the full interest rate for that month; otherwise you don’t received interest rate on the withdrawn amount for that month.
  8. Opportunity to increase your deposit amount: note that all additions to the initial amount during the deposit term in total should not exceed the initially deposited amount or AMD 200 million, USD 500,000, EUR 500,000 or RUB 10 million.
    • Important: no additions to the deposit amount are allowed during the last month of deposit term
  9. Payment of interest: at the end of the term

* The offer is valid from December 01, 2011 until March 31, 2012.


Deposit informational leaflet

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