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Do you receive frequent transfers from your relatives and friends living abroad?

This service will spare your time and efforts.

  •  Simple: amount is transferred directly to your card
  •  Fast: the amount is transferred and received within several minutes
  •  Convenient: the transferred amount is received at any location and time (including non-working days and hours)1 and an SMS notification is sent about each transfer2

Now your relatives and friends can provide financial assistance to you in time of need.

Just enter your Ameriabank VISA card number via any payment device (ATM, POS terminal, internet-banking, etc.) and follow the instructions.


How to make a transfer
Just inform your relatives and friends living in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus or Kazakhstan about VISA transfers. They will need to know only your VISA card number. No other data (validity period, CVV2, etc.) is required.
It is possible to transfer funds from VISA card of any bank3 to your card account by entering the card number of the person transferring the funds via payment devices specified below and transferring the amount as per the instructions:

  •  ATMs
  •  POS terminals
  •  Mobile phones
  •  Open portals of banks
  •  Internet banking
  •  any branch of the bank

How to receive the transfer

Once your transfer is validated4 you will receive an SMS about account crediting5. You are free also to view your account balance via ATM, to make sure the amount has been credited to your account. You may also check your account balance via Online Ameriabank system or by calling Ameriabank.

The best option to receive transfers right to your Visa card both in Armenia and abroad.




  1. Maximum amount of one transfer cannot exceed USD 2,500 or equivalent in other currency.
  2. Please visit the bank’s head office or any branch to activate the SMS notification service.
  3. Visa Partner Banks.
  4. Maximum duration of transfer is 30 minutes depending on the technical capacity of the remitting and receiving banks
  5. Please visit the bank’s head office or any branch to activate the SMS notification service.

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