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Savings Account

Saving Deposit

A savings account is a deposit where the client can FREELY add and withdraw installments to and from the initial deposit throughout the maturity term. Interest on savings deposit is accrued on actual balance available on the account.

Minimum required account balance:
AMD 200,000, USD 500, EUR 300, RUB 15,000

Simple interest rate

Interest payment scheme
Monthly accrual
Annual interest rate if the account balance is equal or more than the required minimum amount
Annual interest rate if the account balance is below the required minimum amount

Funds received from third parties in the name of the depositor can also be deposited into the account provided that such party properly indicates the requisites of the depositor, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

The savings deposit agreement is open-ended.

No matter which deposit type you choose, you can make your deposit in the name of a third party.


  • In what currency and for what term can I make a deposit at Ameriabank?
    You can make a time deposit at Ameriabank in AMD, USD, EUR, and RUB for a term of 30-1825 days. You can also make a demand savings deposit in the mentioned currencies.

  • Can I terminate the deposit agreement and withdraw my deposit any time?
    You are free to terminate your time deposit agreement and withdraw your deposit any time but note that depending on the type of the deposit other interest rate will be applied while recalculating the accrued interests. For more information about the deposits click "Ameria" deposit page. You can withdraw your "Savings" deposit any time without recalculation of interests. Cash is delivered at the head office based on the request submitted by the client one day prior to the actual withdrawal date, if the amount exceeds AMD 30 mln, USD 100,000 or EUR 30,000, and for other currencies – AMD 1 million equivalent. Cash withdrawal limits defined for the bank's Yerevan-based branches are AMD 20 mln, USD 25,000 and EUR 15,000. Limits defined for the bank's regional branches are AMD 10 mln, USD 20,000, EUR 10,000. At the bank's regional branches any amount exceeding the specified limits is delivered within maximum 5 business days upon submission of withdrawal request by the client. 

  • What documents do I need to make a deposit? 
    To make a deposit physical entities should submit an ID and personal public services number. For more information and for the list of documents required for legal entities please click here.


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