For Individual Clients

Ameria Deposit

It is a first-of-its-kind deposit product in Armenian banking sector allowing you to choose freely among various deposit options without any limitations by the bank. We challenge the traditional methods by offering you to design your own deposit under the terms you prefer.


You have freedom to choose more!


Ameria Deposit incorporates all the benefits envisaged under the ex-deposit products, giving you new possibilities.


You’ll have the right to INCREASE or partially WITHDRAW the deposited amount. Whenever necessary, you’ll be able to TERMINATE the deposit before the due date. In this case, the bank shall recalculate the accrued interest at the rate applicable to the selected deposit for the actual number of days elapsed as of the termination date.


Moreover, now you may receive the accrued interest under any scheme and at any frequency you prefer.


Read carefully the terms and conditions of Ameria Deposit and make your choice!


Indulge in the world of numerous benefits of Ameria Deposit and enjoy the freedom to do more!





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