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Ֆակտորինգ, Факторинг, Factoring

Factoring is a banking instrument enabling a company to assign its receivables for delivered goods or services to the bank (for a certain fee).

By using Ameriabank’s factoring services you will have the following benefits:


  • Collateral-free financing of deliveries under the condition of deferred payments
  • Assurance of risks associated with buyers late payments or non-payments

Guide to factoring

Stages of factoring transaction

Ֆակտորինգ, Факторинг, Factoring

Domestic factoring
  • Domestic factoring enables a company or a private entrepreneur to:
  • receive the principal amount (up to 90%) of payment for delivered goods immediately
  • avoid time-consuming negotiations with the buyer regarding transfer of the amount
  • increase sales volume
  • increase the number of buyers by offering a deferred payment condition to them
  • invest the free funds into other businesses

Advantages of domestic factoring


  • Factoring provides an excellent opportunity to attract working capital even in case of insufficient collateral.
  • An opportunity to offer a deferred payment scheme to buyers, which will trigger an increase in the number of buyers and in market share.
  • An opportunity to considerably reduce and avoid losses caused by exchange rate volatilities.
  • Increasing liquidity through faster conversion of receivables into cash
  • An opportunity for increasing the level of goods turnover, expanding the geographic coverage and financial planning of the business
  • An opportunity for rapid recovery of production resources


Ֆակտորինգ, Факторинг, Factoring


Domestic classic factoring 

Ameriabank offers a pack of factoring services, including non-recourse factoring on condition of assigning to the Bank the receivables of companies included in the list approved by the Bank. The financing is secured by the agreement executed with the partner-company. This type of financing implies the following:


  • Collateral-free financing of deliveries under the condition of deferred payments
  • Assurance of risks associated with buyers late payments or non-payments



Ֆակտորինգ, Факторинг, Factoring

Export Factoring

Export factoring: financing where the seller of products/services and the factoring agency/bank are registered and operating in the same country whereas the buyer is a non-resident company.

Benefits for exporters: 


  • Financing of supplies prior to the final settlement with the buyer
  • Increase of financing in parallel with the growth of sales volume
  • Repayment of accounts receivable by the buyer to the bank under the arrangement of deferred payment (up to 180 days)
  • Opportunity of sharp increase of sales volume
  • Administrative management of accounts receivable
  • Mitigation of the risk of non-payment
  • Continuous availability of working capital
  • Provision of informational and analytical support to the exporter


Ֆակտորինգ, Факторинг, Factoring

Import Factoring

Import factoring: provision of payment guarantee* for the debtor by the importing factor thus providing an opportunity of having deferred payment scheme.

Advantages for importers:

  • Deferred payment scheme (commodity credit)
  • Increasing the level of trust of foreign exporters towards RA resident importers
  • Increase of the procurement volume
  • Opportunity of avoiding payments via letters of credit


 * Credit cover/payment guarantee



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