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Interview with Anna Vardanyan, Ameriabank’s Sayat-Nova Branch Manager 

- Ameriabank’s Sayat-Nova Branch was launched a year ago. Has it met all the expectations?

- We opened Sayat-Nova Branch late in February 2013. Along with closing of Kentron Branch it became evident that Moskovyan and Cascade Branches alone could not service the large inflow of our existing clients in the city downtown and we needed another branch to improve service quality and to attract new clients. Within just a year we ensured overperformance on a number of benchmarks, in particular, by 35% in relation to attracted deposits, by 22% in relation to attracted clients, by 8% in relation to issued cards and by 117% with regard to credit cards. 

- The launch of the branch was heralded by a special promo campaign. Did it have the desired effect?

- True, we launched a promo campaign on the occasion of the branch opening, enabling our new clients to use some bank services free or at a discount. It was rather successful having drawn attention of potential clients who visited the bank, experienced all the convenience of banking with us, learned about the wide suite of products we offer and felt the service quality and corporate culture. The campaign promoted branch recognition and ensured quick positioning in the new area. 

-Is there anything that makes Sayat-Nova Branch different from other branches of Ameriabank or any competitive advantage to make it stand out among the variety of other banks? 

- First, I’d like to highlight that all Ameriabank branches, be it in Yerevan, Kajaran, meet the same standards in terms of design, service quality, etc. Still, with each new branch we try to innovate. For Sayat-Nova Branch it is the spacious and very comfortable area for safe deposit boxes. For newly opened Arshakunyats Branch which is located in Yerevan Mall Trade Center such advantages are being open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Express Banking service via self-service machines.

From the word go one of our key objectives was promoting use of safe deposit boxes. We have about 300 deposit boxes of various sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The majority of them are currently occupied, and given the increasing demand for this product we are planning to increase their number. Another thing I would like to mention is a special promo campaign for the deposit boxes we organized during summer vacation season, offering to our clients preferential rates.

As regards our competitive advantage, well, I believe that our innovative solutions and client-oriented approach are unprecedented on the local market, making us stand out. Be it deposit products or loan facilities, our offerings are not limited to ready-made solutions. We offer our clients opportunity to design their deposit or loan pattern at their choice. Our clients are free to select the terms which match their needs best and agree them with the bank. 

-Who are the main clients of the branch?

-Like our other branches, Sayat-Nova Branch provides universal banking services so there are no limitations. If you trust us, believe us, prefer freedom of actions and wish to keep abreast of latest developments, you’re welcome to bank with us. By the way, our services are available for the bank clients at any branch no matter where they keep their accounts.

-Do you think a vast branch network is really important?

-We believe that it is not the number of branches but rather convenience and speed of banking as well as cutting-edge technological solutions that matter. This is why we seek to upgrade online banking solutions enabling our clients to access banking services anytime, anywhere. This is an ongoing process, with solid investments involved. Ameria’s Contact Center is already running 24/7 making us available for the client anytime, which is really a big stride forward in Armenia to achieve another milestone in customer service. Now the clients may select the service or advisory pattern which is most effective and convenient for them with consideration of their preferences.

-Are there any figures to show how many clients were attracted by your branch?

- We have about 3,000 new clients while providing services to the existing bank clients and non-account holders as well. 

-Which activities does the bank prioritize this year?


-As a universal bank, we are focused on all the directions equally though the approach and the required investments differ. Given the commitment to SME development, securing new and flexible lending facilities for SMEs is gaining utmost importance. Another priority for us is promotion of non-cash transactions through innovative and state-of-the-art solutions, as well us nonstop improvement of service quality.
Still the ultimate priority for us is making sure that we meet expectations of our clients who trust us, that the clients are confident they have found a “right” bank and a reliable financial partner to ensure long-term cooperation. 

Interviewed by
Hrayr Manukyan

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