ATTENTION: beware of scammers!
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Dear Client,


This is to warn you that some entities are sending fraudulent emails containing viruses and malware from transfer@ameriabank[.]com (the real email account behind which is info@kendiritasafaris[.] The email account transfer@ameriabank[.]com does not belong to Ameriabank and the bank is in no manner connected with any message you might have received from that account.  

Such methods are quite widely used nowadays by scammers to obtain illegal access to your bank details, and, ultimately, your financial resources. To protect yourselves and your cash from such threats, please be attentive and careful while making online payments and make a point of following these security rules:  

  • When receiving a new message, carefully check it and the sender’s details. Any correspondence sent by Ameriabank comes solely and exclusively from the domain
  • Do not open suspicious attachments or links, especially files with extension .exe or .zip. Before opening any file, ask yourselves: were you really expecting any such file? Even if you were, make sure it was sent from the right email address.
  • Never enter your personal details on unprotected sites. Do not send your personal details to any person by email or messenger. Ameriabank never requests you to provide your bank details.
  • Use only secure sites for online payments. Before entering your card details and hitting “OK” make sure that the web address begins with https:// and there is the padlock sign in the address line. Do NOT use the site, if you see the message “your connection is not secure”. 
  • If you receive a suspicious letter from a seemingly Ameriabank email address, contact the bank immediately at +374 10 56 11 11. 

Below you can find example of fake letter containing viruses, that attentive customers have forwarded us.

We thank our customers for the care they exercise. 


Yours faithfully,

Ameriabank CJSC


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