First Financial Aid to Doctors: the Bank Offers Loans Under Preferential Terms
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YEREVAN, DECEMBER 23, ARMENPRESS: Now doctors will be able to avail of preferential terms of lending in Armenia. Ameriabank has launched a special credit card product with preferential terms for doctors, enabling them to get a revolving line of credit. In her interview to Armenpress Ms. Ella Davtyan, Manager of Moskovyan Branch of Ameriabank and author of the “Cards for Doctors” project, presented this new launch and the opportunities it offers.
-A credit card for doctors is new in Armenia. Why did you particularly choose doctors as beneficiaries, and what is the “Cards for Doctors” project?
-Firstly, we wanted to show special care for people whose profession is so vital for all of us. Secondly, research shows that doctors are most punctual borrowers and generally more creditworthy. We started with cards for doctors, but we plan to expand the project, involving lecturers/professors and other specialists as well. This particular product is available only for doctors and actually this is the only eligibility requirement. We do not require proof of employment or income. Service of the card for the rest of the year is free of charge, and so is the line of credit, meaning that you will not have to pay interest until the end of the year.
-You started with medical institutions in Yerevan, but now you work with regions as well. Why did you decide to expand?
-You are quite right, we started with Yerevan-based institutions. But the project proved to be quite successful and so we decided to involve beneficiaries from Vanadzor and Dilijan, where we have branch offices operating.
-What is the maximum available amount of credit line, and what is the maximum term?
-We created a lending scale for three segments of doctors by status: ordinary doctors, doctors having academic degree, and heads of departments or chief physicians (directors of medical institutions). For ordinary doctors in Yerevan we offer Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard cards with credit limit up to 500 thousand AMD. For doctors having academic degree we offer Visa/MasterCard Gold cards with limit up to 1 million AMD, and for chief physicians we offer Visa or MasterCard Platinum cards with credit limit up to 3 million AMD. The same terms are applicable in regions, the only difference being the amount of credit limit: 250 thousand AMD, 500 thousand AMD and 1.5 million AMD, respectively. The term of credit limit is the same for all: up to 36 months.
- Please comment on general demand for credit cards in Armenia.
-Firstly, a credit card is a very convenient and flexible thing. It enables you not only to use the credit limit, but also to make payments when you don’t have enough cash both at merchants and online. The demand for credit cards is growing day by day. In particular, during the last year the volume of lending by cards in Armenia reported 39% growth.
-With present day technologies all but leading to growth of non-cash banking, what’s the situation in Armenia?
-The number of non-cash operations is growing yearly, and so is the number of cardholders. During the 9 months of this year the volume of non-cash operations in Armenia grew by 19% Y-o-Y, while the number of operations grew by 26%. As of October there is 0.63 cards per one adult person in Armenia: compare this to 0.49 a year ago. According to our forecasts, by the end of the year there will be 0.69 cards and by the end of 2014 0.94 cards per one grown-up in Armenia. In other words, we expect that in 1-1.5 years’ time there will be 1 card per each grown-up person in Armenia.
By Gohar Avetisyan
Updated 13.06.2016, 10:21
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