Ameriabank CJSC General Annual Meeting Of Shareholders Resolution # 02/19/02 
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Approve net annual profit of Ameriabank CJSC (hereinafter - the Bank) in the amount of AMD 10.502.444.000 (ten billion five hundred and two million four hundred forty-four thousand) as specified in the Bank audited financial statements FY2018, out of which:

  • AMD 2,100,000,000 (two billion one hundred million) distribute as dividends   /preserving terms and conditions prescribed for the dividend payment/ , 
  • Transfer AMD 526,000,000 (five hundred twenty-six million) to the Bank’s general reserve.

Pay annual dividends either in lump sum or in parts under the control of the Bank's Chairman of the Management Board-General Director, provided that this does not result in breach of legislative and contractual obligations of the Bank. 

Make the payment of the annual dividends to the shareholders listed in the register of the Bank shareholders as of the date when the list of the shareholders entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders was prepared, pro rata their share participation in the share capital.


[1] The dividend per share for 2018 shall make AMD 17,993 vs. AMD 9,849 in 2017.

This resolution shall become effective on the day following the day of adoption.

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