New functionalities of Ameria Mobile Banking
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We are glad to present to you the new functionalities of Ameria Mobile Banking, which make the application more comfortable and your operations swifter.

Quick and Safe Access


Now you do not have to enter your login and password each time you access your mobile application. Simply use a PIN. To activate this function in the mobile application, go to the “Settings” and select the “PIN” option. Enter your current password and define the PIN (maximum 4 characters) in the popup window. By the way, you will be given only 3 attempts to set a PIN. Once they are expired, you will have to log into the application by the relevant password. You will be notified about the remaining attempts to avoid possible blocking of application.


To activate fingerprint/FaceID access to the mobile application select “Fingerprint” option in the “Settings” and confirm your fingerprint in the popup window (no need to confirm in IOS devices). Fingerprint/FaceID access may be activated only if this function is supported by and has been activated in your phone.

If the fingerprint does not match while logging in, you will get a warning. Then the function will be temporarily blocked and you will have to log into the mobile application by the relevant password.

FaceID access is available only on iPhoneX, XS, XS Max, and XR. Activation is the same as with the fingerprint. By the way, if you activate Fingerprint/FaceID login option, login with the PIN will no longer be available.

Changes on the Homepage

• Full Menu on One Page

View and manage all settings of Ameria Mobile Banking application in Settings section on the homepage.

• Viewing Notifications

Click Notifications button on the upper right corner of the homepage to view all notifications in Ameria Mobile Banking.

Easier Payments and Transfers

• View your account details (type, currency and balance) and the recipient’s name and account number in the new Account Payment/Transfer window.

• View new payments or transfers or previously created and saved templates that will simplify your transactions on the New Payment or Transfer window. Simply select Templates to initiate a new template-based payment or transfer.

• A new View and Copy Payments option has been created. To use this option simply click and hold the cursor on the selected transaction and select the relevant option from the popup window.

Opening Applications and Making Transfers

• Create new applications and new payments directly from homepage.

• Create new applications and view previous created applications directly on the “Applications” page.

• Log into Ameria Online Banking using QR Code

Use QR code on the homepage of Ameria Mobile Application to log into Ameria Online Banking. No need to enter a password. To activate this option, you have to be logged on to the Mobile Application.


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