Contest "My mother and I at the same age”
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Ameriabank announces a contest “My mother and I at the same age” (hereinafter “the Contest”) on the official Facebook page of the bank. To participate in the Contest you should submit photos of yourself and your mother or grandmother or your child at the same age (preferably taken in the same or similar place or on similar background).

You should submit two different photos: one of them should be your photo and the other should be your mother’s/grandmother’s/child’s photo at approximately the same age as you are in the photo. Both of the photos submitted by the same contestant should meet the terms of the Contest, otherwise they will not participate in the Contest. 

Eligibility criteria

  • No age limitation is defined for contestants.
  • Participation in the Contest is free of charge.
  • Total size of photos should not exceed 5MB.
  • Both professional and amateur photos are welcome.
  • To participate in the Contest you should send the photos meeting the terms of the Contest to the bank’s official Facebook page via personal message. Please indicate your full name (as in your passport or other ID) and mobile number.

Terms of the Contest

At the first stage all photos will be filtered for compliance with the terms of the Contest. If the submitted photos meet all the terms, they will be published on the bank’s official Facebook page each week. Photos which have not passed filtration due to non-compliance with the terms of the Contest, as well as photos submitted after the defined closing date will not participate in the Contest.

Two winners will be selected out of the contestants – one who gets maximum number of “LIKES” from real Facebook users and the other who gets maximum votes of the bank’s PR and Marketing Unit employees.

Names of the winners will be published on the Bank’s website within one business week after the closing date for submission of photos and getting “LIKES”.
Everyone can submit their photos from March 04, 2016 (00:01) till March 31, 2016 (24:00) inclusive. Closing date for LIKING the photos of contestants is April 07, 2016 (24:00).

“Liking” the bank’s official Facebook page as of the moment of sending the photos is a required condition for participation in the Contest.


The prize for the winners of the Contest will be a dinner for two people (you can dine with your mother or some other person, and you are also free to let other people use your prize). 

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