Ameriabank’s alternative service package at DigiTec business forum
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Ameriabank does its best for the clients to use their time effectively and while in dilemma of choosing between a visit to the bank or having a lunch, choose the second option. For this purpose the Bank has developed and implemented special 24/7 banking systems.

Ameriabank CJSC will participate in DigiTec Business Forum from June 19 to June 20. During the Forum the Bank will present its distance banking systems which are totally based on cutting-edge information technologies. Artur Hambardzumyan, Head of Innovation and Quality Unit, Ameriabank, mentioned that Ameriabank is among pioneers in Armenia to provide a possibility of simultaneous use of several distance banking systems so that clients are able to choose the one that suits them best. Distance banking systems are interconnected and multifunctional, thus by choosing any of them the client can make a number of transactions through one tool with no bank visit required. “The alternative service packages we offer, such as mobile, phone, internet banking and cash-in ATMs, can be used for almost any kind of transaction, thus sparing the client the inconvenience of bank visits and long queues ”, - Artur says.

According to Ameriabank, to make the mentioned distance banking systems more popular among public, it is necessary to raise the public awareness regarding their availability and the possibilities they offer. A change in people’s mindset regarding the new banking culture is required. “We know that the benefits of the mentioned services should be explained and shown to people. So during the business forum we will demonstrate in practice how easy, simple and accessible these systems actually are. This is not even a matter of computer literacy. Many people know about this kind of technologies but there are some obstacles, complexes or perhaps fears which is a matter of culture or behavior. People have got used to things, which needs to be changed. We should change the behavior which is easier to do through demonstration of the benefits of the new software”.
During the business forum Ameriabank’s specialists will present the world tendencies regarding application of technologies in banking system, the situation in Armenia and Ameriabank’s services offered to consumers in this light.

Artur Hambardzumyan emphasizes the importance of DigiTec Business Forums for several reasons. First of all, it serves as an information exchange platform. Besides, within a short period of time the required information can be efficiently delivered to target groups by sparing time and money. The business forum is also an indicator of IT sector development and technological innovations and updates.

As to implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in business, their cost and availability, Artur Hambardzumyan notes that there are no “luxurious” investments in business. There are investments which should be justified and if they ensure returns in the form of income, additional value, convenience for the client and indirect values, so they can be justified. There are both simple and complex, quite costly products which are directly proportional to the anticipated business result.
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