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Rapid growth of Armenian banking market, soaring competition forces local banks to diversify their businesses while searching for unoccupied niches and trying to expand the range of services. Active development of remote banking technologies prompts creation of additional banking services as well as a new direction of strategic importance, with electronic banking dominating the most significant trends. Experts forecast the trend to take hold in influencing further development of modern technologies. The head of IT and Automation Department at Ameriabank Beniamin Tadevosyan spoke about the main trends in the sector on of online banking in an interview with PanARMENIAN.Net.

Please describe the main trends in the development of online banking services, as well as recent years’ growth dynamics and relevant situation in Armenian market.

Remote banking is the best way to provide maximum availability of services 24/7. Clients can choose among several types of remote banking services including internet banking, mobile banking, ATM and cash-in services, as well as a range of self-service devices.
The internet banking is relatively new to Armenia: unfortunately, in our country the service was launched in only 2009, although it has gained popularity around the world long before. The internet banking service targets those who value their time. We offer a full range of services that don’t involve cash transactions, which allows our clients to save the time that a personal visit to a bank would take.

Development of internet banking allows for maximum optimization of service, automation of business processes to speed up the transaction and boost the quality of service.

Ameriabank is known as a leader for use of innovative technologies in improvement of client service. Are investments in modern devices justified and are Armenian market and consumers ready to use them?

I believe Armenian market to be ready for online services, considering availability of internet and special equipment in the country. The bank benefits by gaining extra resources, while eliminating the need to develop major chain of subsidiaries and hire multiple employees for person-to-person service.
For increased customer convenience, Ameriabank established a round-the-clock Contact Center: the bank can be reached at +34710 561111, with an expert to reply any questions the customer might have.

How does Ameriabank handle remote banking services? What number of Ameriabank customers use internet banking?

Ameriabank tops the Armenian market for innovative services. We put special emphasis on the development of cashless banking through remote services and facilitation of transactions. We also strive to boost awareness on remote services and cashless transactions.
The number of internet banking users sees significant yearly increase: in 2014 the number of users totaled 13,000, up from mere 113 users in 2009.

In 2011, Ameriabank made an iPhone application available at App.Store to provide extensive information about the bank, news, ATM and subsidiary addresses, discounts for Ameriabank plastic card users.

We greatly prioritize development of internet-commerce, with VISA internet acquiring project launched last summer. To speed up and facilitate registration and setup of websites for online card payments we developed and implemented vPOS/virtual POS program. This tool provides a unique opportunity for retail outlets to accept Visa, MasterCard and ArCA cards for Internet-based payments and avoid time-consuming programming and commissioning.

The project is actively operating and receiving positive feedback, with many websites already accepting payments through our vPOS. At present, we’re developing a number of additional vPOS services.

For the first time in Armenia’s banking system, Ameriabank implemented AmeriaToken, a new mobile application generating single use passwords. What are the specifics of identification in online banking? Tell us more about the app and the idea of its implementation.
A double authentication method is used for access to internet banking services and provision of maximum security. 1st method is the client’s login and password and the second one is the use of password-generating devices, with the single use passwords disappearing within seconds.
AmeriaToken is a mobile application generating single use passwords in order to provide Ameriabank's clients with access to internet banking services. Thanks to the app, the presence of Digipass tokens is no longer mandatory, with single use passwords generated by means of a mobile phone. AmeriaToken is available on Apple, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry-operated smartphones.

With mobile-banking to become a prevalent trend on the market, Armeriabank introduced the new application to provide more flexibility to banking services.

How can the app be activated?

Running the application requires only 2 steps:
1. Download AmeriaToken application from online shops and install it.

2. Activate it in whichever way is more convenient for you:

Method 1: by means of QR code. To login to the system you need to take a snapshot of the QR code you have been provided at the Bank, later enter the application password and confirm it.

Method 2: manual. You need to input into the application the “Serial Number” – only 7 characters, “Activation code” – 16 characters provided to you earlier at the bank, your password and confirm it.

Log into Online Ameriabank system, enter the username and password provided to you by the bank in the corresponding field. In the next window that opens, enter the one-time password generated by AmeriaToken.

What are the advantages of AmeriaToken app compared to earlier used Digipass?

It all depends on clients’ preferences. Currently, we offer several models of physical Tokens and an AmeriaToken mobile app.
However, use of AmeriaToken does not require an additional device – it’s replaced by a smartphone app. With Ameriabank’s planning to launch the finalized version of mobile banking in the near future, AmeriaToken will become the app of choice.

Ameriabank takes every effort to make the use of online banking more comfortable. Your bank can be at your arm’s reach.

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