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The vacation period has come. Many of our nationals are going to leave for a holiday abroad. Now it is more common for us that it is much better to take for a journey a plastic card than cash, as there is no need to declare the amount taken abroad, the card needs less space in the wallet, etc. However, the advantages of holding a plastic card are not limited to the above mentioned and there are types of cards providing additional services, making a journey more comfortable. In more detail about this tells the Head of Client Managers’ Service (Individual and Premium) of Ameriabank, Helen Danielyan.

 - How do You find the development of card business in Armenia?
 - I would like to tell with pleasure that the card business in Armenia grows in geometric progression. According to the data of the CBA the number of issued plastic cards for the last year has increased by 30%. This is a significant gain. The infrastructure of plastic card business is developing very fast: the number of ATMs and POS terminals grows, which leads to a wider use of plastic cards. Besides, the companies have valued plastic cards as a salary payment instrument.
Such a development of the market has its influence on our bank too. In a year we have issued more than 7 thousand cards. This growth is due to not only salary projects, but also to programs and systems that we service. Along with this, we have made many changes in the tariff plan. Now it is more flexible and of course, more suitable for our clients. We have special tariffs for the personnel of our corporate clients.  
 - What card products does Ameriabank offer?
 - We have a very wide range of card services. We issue and service cards of local system ARCA, international systems VISA and MASTERCARD, provide AMERICAN EXPRESS cards, i.e. of all payment cards systems available in Armenia. Moreover, the line of card products is also developed as for the card types, e.g. if a client needs a card with a high status such as Gold or Platinum, he does not need to compromise and take a card with a lower status. Coming to Ameriabank, any client will find the card, specifically meeting his needs. In my opinion, the significant privilege is that we make packages including several products, one of which is our Gold Card. Our chosen conception is returning to the Gold card its true status that it has always had in the whole world.
 - What advantages has the Gold card of Ameriabank?
 - First of all the card is intended for the clients, often leaving abroad, who have high income and strict requirements to service quality. The Gold card assumes benefits and additional services from the bank-issuer, pointing to the corresponding status, position and creditability of a client. The Gold card of Ameriabank is offered as a package, which along with the main card also has Travel Insurance from Rosgosstrakh for 1 year, covering all the types of insurance during a journey and the international discount card IAPA. I would like to point out that additional fees are not collected from clients for the insurance and IAPA card. Our Gold Card package stands out with its unique appearance. It looks like a book, where one can keep everything relevant for the card. Taking into consideration that the Gold card is, first of all, for travelers, we offer to its holders everything for a comfortable, profitable and safe journey. In case of unplanned pleasant expenses, the client may use card’s credit limit with a grace period of 51 days. To ensure the maximum reliability and comfort we activate for all Gold cards the system of free SMS delivery, giving an opportunity to clients to control the overall turnover of the card account.
 - Will You please tell us about IAPA card in more detail?
 - The IAPA card (International Airline Passengers Association) is a club card founded more than 45 years ago to protect the rights of travelers. IAPA provides 50% discount for hotel booking. It may be used in more than 80 thousand hotels throughout the world, in 16 thousand hotel networks, such as Hilton International, Concorde, Best Western, Marriott, Golden Tulip and many others. Along with this the IAPA card provides up to 30% discount with the largest car rental companies worldwide, such as Avis, Hertz, Europcar, etc. With this card the client may book hotels, air-tickets and cars without advance, which is very important as often the advance payment required to book a hotel is not returned to the client or is partially returned. You will not have such problems with IAPA card. It is worthy of mentioning that IAPA has 3 cards: one main club card and two luggage cards. The cards are adjusted to the luggage and if lost, the Bag-Guard searching system finds and retrieves the lost luggage to the client within 48 hours. I have mentioned only the main advantages of IAPA card, but they are innumerable. One of the privileges is the availability of IAPA card servicing via the Internet. You can find answers to all your questions on the official website.
 - What is required to receive a Gold card of Ameriabank?
 - It is not necessary to be a premium client of Ameriabank to receive such card. It is enough to have an appropriate turnover or a salary level. The minimum credit limit of the card is AMD 1 mln. The interest rate for the credit line of Gold card holders is lower than the usual one by 2%. We do not charge penalties for not using the card or the credit limit. Currently, we develop a bonus system, which will motivate active clients. All the changes made will be strictly for the benefit of our clients.
I am sure that to appreciate all the advantages of our package Gold, one simply needs to leave for a journey once. This will be enough for the annual service fee to be reimbursed by discounts the traveler will be provided. A special attitude towards clients having a Gold Card of Ameriabank in their wallets is out of doubt.
Anahit Julakyan
Updated 25.07.2009, 11:22
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