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Credit line with credit cards

Credit cards offer you an opportunity to use money within the limit of revolving credit line opened by the bank, without crediting the card account. The maximum amount of the revolving credit that can be borrowed on card is your credit limit.

You enjoy the advantage of buying goods you prefer “today” and paying for them “tomorrow”. You may also take a full advantage of applicable grace period of up to 51 calendar days.

Minimum credit limit depends on the type of card and is subject to the terms and conditions of cards issuance and use.

Credit cards are cards with grace period. Credit cards are intended for non-cash payments and can be used also for acquiring a credit line with grace period. You will be able to buy the goods you prefer today and pay for them within 51 days grace period.

Terms and Conditions of Lines of Credit Issued via Credit Cards (with Grace Period)



Credit Line on Master Card Standard/VISA Classic Cards
Secured Credit Line on Master Card Standard/VISA Classic Cards
Credit Line on Master Card Gold/VISA Gold
Secured Credit Line on Master Card Gold
Credit Line on Master Card Platinum/VISA Platinum Cards 
Secured Credit Line on Master Card Platinum/VISA Platinum Cards 
Credit Line on VISA Infinite Card 
Secured Credit Line on VISA Infinite Card

Debit cards are cards with credit line without grace period (including overdraft cards). Debit cards can be used both for cash and non-cash operations, they have a low encashment rate both for Ameriabank ATMs and ATMs of other banks (including abroad).

Terms and Conditions of Overdraft (without Grace Period) Issued via Debit Cards 

Overdraft Arca Classic, Cirrus Maestro/ Visa Electron/AYO Card VISA Classic Cards
Secured Overdraft Arca Classic, Cirrus Maestro Cards 
Overdraft Master Card Standard/VISA Classic Cards
Secured Master Card Standard/VISA Classic Cards 
Overdraft Master Card Gold/VISA Gold/AYO Card VISA Gold Cards
Secured Overdraft Master Card Gold/VISA Gold/ AYO Card VISA Gold Cards
Overdraft Master Card Platinum/VISA Platinum Cards
Secured Overdraft Master Card Platinum/VISA Platinum Cards


1. Maximum credit limit for revolving lines of credit is determined based on the type of the card. Maximum credit limit in case of annuity repayment: n/a. Minimum term: n/a
2. Maximum term: 5 years
3. Credit lines on cards are available in AMD, USD and EUR.

1) Repayment of lines of credit with a grace period

1. If the borrower repays the amounts utilized during a month by the 21st day of the following month in full (grace period), no interest is accrued.
2. If the borrower fails to repay the utilized amounts by the 21st day of the following month in full (grace period), he should pay at least 10% of used funds or the minimum required installment prescribed under the bank's tariffs, whichever greater.
3. In the event described in the above clause 2 the utilized amounts shall bear interest from the first day withdrawn. The same interest shall be accrued to the amounts utilized in the future.
4. If the borrower fails to repay the minimum installment specified in the above clause 2, a penalty shall be charged according to the fees and rates of the Bank.
5. Interest should be repaid at least once a month.

2) Card credit lines with a payment schedule

If the line of credit has been issued with a defined repayment schedule, the interest shall be repaid at least once a month, while used amounts may be repaid in 2 ways: either according to a prearranged schedule or upon maturity.

Loan is disbursed on a card in non-cash form.

Eligibility criteria: n/a

No dues are required, except for loans secured by real estate and movable property, in which case the collateral is insured and appraised by a specialized company which charges commissions or interest according to its fees and rates.

Decision on lending
The Bank makes an initial decision within 2 (two) banking days following receipt of the loan application. The final decision is made during no more than 8 (eight) business days after the client submits the complete set of required documents to the bank, and is communicated to the client within one business day. The loan proceeds are disbursed one business day after (i) the security agreements contemplated in the loan agreement are in place, i.e. are registered in form and substance satisfactory to the bank and signed pursuant to the Republic of Armenia legislation, (ii) the pledged assets are insured by the company cooperating with the bank, and (iii) the client has fulfilled all other mandatory requirements.
After the Bank has approved the loan application:
  • The Bank starts loan processing and disbursement process if the borrower confirms his/her intention to get the loan within 45 (forty-five) calendar days after receiving loan approval notice.
  • If the borrower confirms such intention after 45 (forty-five) calendar days following receiving loan approval notice, the loan approval decision needs to be re-approved.

What may help you to get your loan approved
  • Long-standing relationship between the Bank and the client
  • Business reputation
  • Turnover of the client's funds through Ameriabank accounts
  • Average balance on the accounts with Ameriabank, etc

Why your application might be rejected

  • The information (documents and other data) is not trustworthy or complete.
  • The borrower's declared income is not sufficient to cover the liabilities.
  • The borrower has a bad credit history, overdue and/or non-performing liabilities (including those to the third parties).
LTV (loan to value) ratio
The bank can issue a card line of credit to the borrower under the following terms (both debit and credit cards):


Interest rate

"Credit limit/Deposit principal" (LTV) Ratio[1]

Same as deposit currency

Same as deposit rate

Up to 30%[2]

Same as deposit currency

Deposit rate + 4%

Up to 90%

Other than deposit currency

According to the tariffs for lines of credit on cards

Up to 70%

Any overdue liabilities on the credit card shall be charged to the deposit principal without prior notice. 

[1]The deposit principal used for calculation of the ratio does not include the interest accrued at the beginning of the term.

Loans: the bank offers loans in AMD secured by the time deposit in AMD. In this case the following interest rate is applied: Interest on loan = interest on deposit + 4%

The credit line may be secured by the client's salary, a warranty, cash, movable and immovable property and other assets to the reasonable satisfaction of the bank.

In case payments under the revolving line of credit have been made in a timely and due manner, the line of credit may be extended upon maturity.

N/a for this loan facility

You may order (additional) cards linked to your card account for you relatives and friends and determine a credit limit for them at your discretion.

Other benefits of credit card

  • All advantages of payment cards
  • Creates a proper credit history which will be an advantage for becoming eligible for other credit facilities offered by the bank
  • Easy and simplified procedure of credit line issuance spares borrowers the paperwork required under traditional types of credit.
  • Highly flexible repayment schedule enabling you to make repayment of any amount at any time and providing the advantage of multiple use of the credit line.
  • For those who travel frequently, the credit card is irreplaceable in case of contingencies. You are free to manage your credit line being sure that you will repay it partially or fully when you are back to your country.

Exchange rate volatilities may affect the installments under the credit lines in foreign currencies.

Interest calculation procedure and example
No interest is accrued to the unused amounts. The interest accrued to the used amounts is calculated at the nominal rate.

Credit limit: AMD 5,000,000
Amount withdrawn: AMD 1,000,000
Annual interest rate: 21%
Maturity: 24 months
The monthly installments shall make AMD 117,500 (where the interest makes 1,000,000*21%/12=17,500 AMD + principal of 10%=1,000,000*10%=100,000 AMD).

Late payment fee (principal)
If the borrower fails to repay the loan when due, he shall pay fines and penalties, i.e. the overdue amount shall bear interest at a daily rate of 0.1 percent to replace the interest rate defined under loan agreement.

The bank shall charge a fine equal to 0.1% of the overdue principal for each day of delay and in case of 5 (five) and more business days’ overdue liability – also a penalty equal to 2% of the overdue loan.

For late payment of interest, the bank shall charge a fine equal to 0.3% of the overdue interest for each day of delay, and in case of 5 (five) and more business days’ overdue liability – also a penalty equal to 5% of the overdue interest.

Attention! In case of the borrower's default on minimum monthly installment the bank charges 5000 AMD.For cards issued after January 2015 this lump sum payment is not applicable, and the late payment fines and penalties defined by the terms of lending for individuals are charged instead.

Attention! There are no limitations on early repayment of the loan.
Attention! If the funds received as a result of the sale of pledged property are not enough to collect the borrower's liabilities under the loan and the interest, etc., the bank's claims shall be satisfied through additional charges or seizure of other equivalent assets of the borrower. 


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