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How express money transfers work?

1. To send a money transfer you should:
• Submit ID
• Pay the transferable amount and commission
• Sign the form/slip

2. To collect a money transfer you should:
• Submit ID
• Specify the unique tracking number of transfer
• Sign the form/slip
• Present other details, if required by the rules of the transfer system (such as amount and currency of transfer)

3. Transfers and payments are available in US dollars, euros and Russian rubles.

4. Acceptable IDs

For citizens of the Republic of Armenia
• Passport
• ID card
• Military ID (for persons serving in army)
• Temporary ID issued by the police of the Republic of Armenia
For refugees
• Refugee certificate
• Refugee travel document
For foreign citizens and the stateless
• Passport, internationally acceptable ID
• Special passport of the Republic of Armenia
• Certificate of residence/status

Sums in the name of minors under the age of 14 can only be delivered to the recipient’s legitimate representatives (parents, custodians, trustees), provided they are properly identified (passport and power of attorney/other equivalent document).

Sums in the name of minors aged 14-17 can only be delivered based on passport or other ID (military ID, temporary ID issued by the police).

5. Commission payable by the sender in AMD at the CBA exchange rate effective on that day. No additional commission charged to the recipient.

6. For each transfer the system generates a unique tracking number which the sender should communicate to the recipient. To collect the transfer, the recipient should specify, among other things, the tracking number.

7. Recall

  • If the sender requests the money back, the cash operator makes an inquiry to find out whether or not the sum has already been delivered to the recipient. If the sum has not been delivered yet, the sender fills in a recall application form in which case the commissions shall only be refunded if so envisaged under the rules of the given transfer system.
  • The recalled sum can only be delivered to the sender when received from the intermediary bank.

8. If after sending the money the sender says that the transfer data are wrong, an inquiry is sent, and if the money has not yet been delivered to the recipient, the sender is asked to fill in the respective instruction, indicating the data to be edited. The instruction form, including the corrections made by the client, can be printed out from the software application of the respective money transfer system. Each money transfer system defines its own rules for correcting transfer data. Unless otherwise envisaged by the policies of the money transfer system or receiving bank, changes in transfer data are effected within 1 banking day after submission of respective instruction by the sender, provided the amount has not been paid yet..

9. After each operation/transaction the client is provided with a receipt (slip).

10. Express money transfers are executed in all branch offices of Ameriabank during operational hours. The list of branches and information on open hours are available here. For more details please call us at +374 10 56 11 11.

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