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Ameriabank announces “an open day” for the students of all universities of the Republic of Armenia.

Our partners
We cooperate with progressive universities that are committed to improving education quality and delivering high-end knowledge. We welcome daring and ambitious individuals who are after great careers and achievements.

Among our partners are Yerevan State University, Armenian State University of Economics, American University of Armenia, “French University in Armenia” foundation, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and Agrobusiness teaching center.

Why Ameriabank?
We create value-based concepts and are committed to build up a Dream Team by bringing together goal-oriented and ambitious individuals open for non-standard solutions and self-improvement.

The “open day” program is a perfect opportunity for the universities to arrange on-site practice of their best students at Ameriabank. Such experience will help students gain insight into the business and grow professionally by means of intensive interacting and networking.
Practical application of university knowledge and skills, combined with networking with top professionals, are a gateway to becoming knowledge professionals and joining the Dream Team. Our goal is to foster progressive theoretical knowledge and cultivate it into strong experience-based proficiency.   

Phase 1: Agreement
An internship agreement is executed by and between the bank and the university, subject to syllabus.
Phase 2: Application form
The students of eligible universities who plan to adopt their practice at Ameriabank CJSC should complete the application form at www.ameriabank.am and send it together with their CV and a 1 page cover letter to internship@ameriabank.am.
Phase 3: Testing
Relevant candidates will be invited to take an IQ test and thereon the shortlisted candidates will pass to the next phase.
Phase 4: Interview
The successful shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview. Thereafter the best candidates will launch their practice at relevant subdivisions of the bank.
Phase 5: Practice
During the practice the students will closely work with a strong team of leading highly qualified specialists in an environment of strong commitment to state-of-the-art concepts and facilities. Getting involved into tasks and assignments on the site will provide the interns with a solid ground for  putting basic university knowledge into practice.
Phase 6: Recommendation (reference) letter
Upon completion of the practical course the interns will be evaluated by their supervisors according to the following key competences: knowledge and skills, adaptability, corporate ethics, initiative and creative thinking, ability to work independently and sense of responsibility. The HR unit of the bank will issue a relevant recommendation (reference) letter on the basis of evaluation results. 
The recommendation letter provides comprehensive information about both personal qualities and professional capacities. It will serve as a visit card of prospective employee in the labor market, enabling the students to adequately assess and feel confident about their knowledge and skills. The interns with high scores will be included in the waiting list of candidates to fill in the vacant positions at Ameriabank CJSC.  

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