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Internet Acquiring

Terms of internet acquiring


Internet acquiring is an online card-based payment service.

To help merchants accept online payments by VISA, MasterCard and ArCa cards and simplify their website configurations, Ameriabank has developed a new solution – vPOS (virtual POS terminal), which is provided free of charge.

Installing a vPOS on your website enables you to skip further programming and configuration and all complicated certification procedures. Once you install a vPOS, you will be able to accept online payments quickly and safely.

You no longer need to configure your systems, modify your solutions or seek certification from processing center or payment system. All technical modifications and updates will be administered by the bank.


How it works

Participants of the process

  •  Merchant
  •  Buyer (holder of card)
  •  Issuing bank (the bank which issued the card)
  •  Acquiring bank (the bank which services the payments)
  •  Payment system (MasterCard, Visa, ArCa)

How to make a payment

  1.  The buyer orders goods or services at the online store, using a bank card as a means of payment.
  2.  An authorization request is sent from the website to the acquiring bank.
  3.  The acquiring bank forwards the request to the payment system for authorization.
  4.  The payment system forwards the request to the issuing bank.
  5.  The issuing bank authorizes the transaction and sends the report to the payment system.
  6.  The payment system forwards the report to the acquiring bank.
  7.  The acquiring bank forwards the report to the online store.
  8.  The merchant performs the order.

The acquiring bank transfers the authorized payments to the merchant without any commission.


Why Ameriabank

  • Ameriabank is the first bank in Armenia to offer acquiring services to its clients through an own-developed virtual POS solution.
  • Ameriabank ensures maximum safety of online payments.
  • At the connection stage you work only with Ameriabank and need not contact the processing center.
  • Due to streamlined cooperation procedure with the processing center it takes you zero effort and no time to get connected.


We customize our internet acquiring services to your individual needs. Just apply to us to join the acquiring system and we will take care that your needs are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Give your clients the opportunity to make easy and safe payments!

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